Tour Information

Cost: $72.00
Tour Dates: Daily*
Length: 2-3 Hours
Distance: 1.25 miles
Reservations Required: Yes

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Catwalk Tours Offered Daily

The tours are 2-3 hours in length. After checking in at our headquarters, Bridge Walk participants will be shuttled to the Canyon Rim Visitor's Center on the North side of the Bridge. A short path leads to the Bridge where visitors will enter the catwalk in the midst of the massive iron structure.

The catwalk is 24" wide with a substantial railing. Before beginning the tour, guests will be securely fastened onto a safety cable making it impossible to fall from the bridge during a Bridge Walk tour. Participants will walk the entire 3,030 foot length of the bridge and then ascend a trail to road level where they will be shuttled back to the Bridge Walk headquarters. Bridge tours move along at a leisurely pace and there is plenty of time to stop for photos, and to discuss features of the Bridge, Gorge and Park with your guide.

* Bridge Walk is open every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.


Full Moon Trips

We offer full moon trips three times a month depending on the weather.

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