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Bridge Walk Tour – WV

Guided walking tours under the New River Gorge Bridge

Quick Details

Explore the catwalk under the New River Gorge Bridge on this guided walking tour with Bridge Walk! Have the walk of your life as you enjoy incredible views of West Virginia’s natural landscapes and beauty, learn about the history of the Capital Bridge and the area. Our guests take numerous photos throughout the tour. Our knowledgeable guides are friendly and focused on your safety and ensuring you’re having a wonderful and exhilarating experience on this three-hour adventure.


About the Bridge Walk WV

Bridge Walk was founded in 2009 as a cooperative effort between the National Park Service, the West Virginia Division of Highways, and the partners that make up Bridge Walk LLC.

What to Wear

Regardless of when you come, the catwalk will be approximately 10-15 degrees cooler than what it is above the Bridge.

  • A light jacket if you get cold easily.
  • Comfortable walking shoes as you will walk one and a quarter miles.
  • No sandals.
  • Sunglasses are not needed.
  • A rain jacket if it is raining for the short walks to and from the Bridge. Under the Bridge, you will have your very special 69′ umbrella.
  • Bring a camera for wonderful photo opportunities.

Bridge Walk Annual Pass

Visit all you want; all year long; see every season!

The Bridge Walk Annual Pass is guaranteed for one year from date of purchase. It is not transferrable and is extended only to the person whose name appears on the pass. The dates can be allocated making it a perfect gift for holidays, graduations, and birthdays. Annual Walkers will receive:

  • Unlimited Bridge Walk visits based on tour availability.
  • Specials on retail items.
  • Incentive admission for family and friends.
  • Personalized Annual Pass card.
  • The cost is $125 plus tax.